My son’s summer camp posted on Facebook earlier today about “International Wear Your Summer Camp T-Shirt Day,” and I wanted to pass this information on to you even though it isn’t food related. November 13 will be the third annual event, this a day when summer campers are encouraged to wear their camp t-shirt to help them look forward to the next camping season which is months and months away.


My ten-year-old doesn’t need any help looking forward to the next camping season. He starts wishing for it on the ride home from the last day of camp during the summer. But, he’s going to wear his camp t-shirt that day anyway because this year Camp Craze is going to donate $5 to the American Red Cross when campers post a photo of in their camp t-shirt to Camp Craze’s social media sites.


The details are on their Facebook page.


Camp Craze and it’s parent company CRAZE Interactive have pledged to donate $5 for EVERY picture submitted through, tweeted @CampCraze on Twitter or posted to the Camp Craze company page on Facebook to the American Red Cross to help with disaster relief from this past weeks storm. This will be in addition to a general company donation from both CC and CI.


They also mention there is some “sweet swag” up for grabs that day, but they don’t mention exactly what it is.


If you have a child who attends a summer camp, dig out the camp t-shirt and help raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief. We here in New Jersey and the rest of the region thank you in advance.


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Kids can help with Sandy relief by wearing camp t-shirts
November 13 is ‘International Wear Your Summer Camp T-Shirt Day.’ Camp Craze will donate $5 to the American Red Cross for each picture of a camper wearing a