Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R), once described as an advocate for fighting climate change, has flipped to the dark side and is now mocking the very existence of global warming.

Wood might actually make a great building material for bikes. I'd love to see some stress tests on the frame to see how it stacks up against steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber.

Check out Venezuela's "continuous" lightning storm, an area that has lightning nearly half the year.

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey wrote an essay critical of health care reform, the internet blew up in anger, and tens of thousands joined a Facebook club dedicated to a boycott. Now it seems their brand is losing value, their buzz is wearing off.

Still not sure how I feel about this one-- a solar powered oil field. Huh.

Great title- "80 New Permits = 80 Less Mountains". Mountaintop removal mining is an even greater evil. Tree sitting to protest a Massey Energy Mountaintop removal site = pure awesome.

Maybe it CAN save the world- a hemp brick is carbon negative and seven times stronger than concrete.

Russia will offer $1,500 (50,000 rubles) per car in a rehash of our Cash for Clunkers program.

The New Yorker asks "What's wrong with eco-stunts".

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Hemp bricks, wood bikes, solar oil fields, rubles for clunkers, Whole Foods take a hit, and surprise, surprise-- a Republican governor abandons his support of f