Here are a few good stories bouncing around the news cycle right now.

• So not only does coal create more CO2 and other pollutants than nuclear energy, it turns out that it's also responsible for creating more nuclear waste than nuclear. Yup, coal ash = nuclear waste. Scientific American has the scoop.

• Glenn Beck's teabaggers turned on Republican Senator Linsey Graham at a recent tall hall meeting for his work with John Kerry on climate change legislation. They're angry, they like to shout, and they don't listen, kind of like tantrum throwing toddlers, but with guns.

• You should be reading this blog- Inventing Green, America's two-century search for a more perfect power, the research blog for a book Wired writer Alexis Madrigal is working on, a book that I'm hoping he sends me an early copy of, especially after he sees this. ;D Seriously though, Alexis is one of my favorite writers, I expect his book will be excellent, judging by the work he's put up on the blog so far.

• My friend Adam at Twilight Earth wrote about another friend, Jennifer Lance, who talks about the small hydro energy system she's used to power her off the grid green home for the past 13 years.

• Don't feel too bad about leaving your cell phone charger plugged in. Try to unplug it when you're not using it, but you won't be going to eco-hell if you forget every now and then.

Halfway to weekend!

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Midweek links: Climate change
Coal waste is nuclear, tea baggers don't like climate change politics, and small hydro power rocks.