Hungry shark sculpture

Photos courtesy of the Bartz brothers

Hailing from the town of New Brighton — a suburb just outside Minneapolis and St. Paul — the Bartz brothers have spent the last four winters creating larger-than-life snow sculptures depicting creatures from under (or near) the sea.

Minnesota isn't known for its oceanic wildlife, but that didn't stop this brotherly trio from using their imaginations.

Ever since their very first major snow sculpture in 2012 (a pufferfish), they've been ramping up their skills every year. In return, the crowds and attention keep getting larger.

Their 2015 masterpiece, a sea turtle, was completed Jan. 7 after several weeks of hard work.

Sea turtle snow sculpture

The spectacle quickly went viral, and it wasn't long before this ambitious creation made an appearance on the "Today" show as well as the Facebook trending box. You can watch the entire building process for the sea turtle sculpture in the video below:

Continue below to see the Bartz brothers' epic snow sculptures from past years, including a shark, walrus and pufferfish.

Shark snow sculpture

Shark, 2014

Walrus snow sculpture

Walrus, 2013

Pufferfish snow sculpture

Pufferfish, 2012

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Minnesota brothers create marine monsters on dry land
Every year, a brotherly trio constructs an epic snow sculpture on their front lawn.