I'm really excited for my buddy and fellow MNN blogger Karl Burkart who is launching a new video show on PlanetGreen.com called Planet 100. The show's host Sarah Backhouse will break down the top environmental stories of the day in 100 seconds or less every day of the work week.

It's just getting started and they'll be officially announcing the launch next week, but you can check out the first couple of episodes over at Planet Green. Karl is great talking about geo-engineering in this episode. My friend Tracy Hepler of Your Daily Thread also made a guest appearance in an episode.

You can follow the newly minted Planet100 on Twitter.

Nice work Karl, I can't wait to see how the show evolves.

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MNN blogger launches new show on PlanetGreen.com
MNN technology blogger Karl Burkart is starting Planet 100, a new environmental news show on PlanetGreen.com.