My web browser is bursting with great stories that are begging to be shared. Here's a bevy of interesting links to help you pass the time and expand your news horizon.


• Finally!The EPA is going to regulate CO2 and five other greenhouse gasses.

Are Ex-KGB officers behind the hackers behind the "Climategate"?

E-waste is poisoning the world's children.

• How can we encourage more young women to bike?

• Bananas are picked green and gassed in facilities like this to turn yellow.

• Marc Ambinder completely rips apart Sarah Palin's Washington Post "Boycott Copenhagen op-ed in the Atlantic.

Internet high five.

• Germany's "triple-zero" homes create more energy thean they use.

• China built an empty city to hit a targeted growth in GDP of 8%.

• Wired examines the psychology of climate change denial.

• MNN's own Karl Burkart reports about the drama surrounding day three of the COP15 talks in Copenhagen.

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