So you left your house this morning ready for that big meeting at work or a hike in the park with the kids only to have your day spoiled by an unexpected afternoon thunderstorm.  When you left this morning the weather forecast was calling for sunny skies, but your rain soaked pants beg to differ.  

If this sounds frustratingly familiar, you might be interested in a new app - called Poncho - that offers personalized weather forecasts tailored to fit your needs.  What do they mean by personalized?  Poncho learns your routine - when you leave for work, when you will be headed home, whether you have allergies or pets, and even if you are worried about having a bad hair day.  You can also choose if you want your forecasts sent via email, text, or both.  

And the best part about this personalized weather forecast is that it comes with a punch.  Each forecast is written by a human - yes, you read that right - a real, live human.  And it's delivered with a side of snark.  Forecasts also include train info and traffic delays when appropriate.

The only downside about Poncho is that the service is limited to New York City and Boston right now.  But the goal is for Poncho to roll out nationwide very soon.  So if you live in one of these cities, you are in luck.  If not, you better grab your umbrella.

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