Though her home was lost to the winds of this week's Moore, Okla., tornado, Rebecca Vitsmun and her family survived. When she was asked by CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer if she thanked God for making it, she very politely replied that she was an atheist, but that she didn't blame anyone for "thanking the lord." (See video above.)

The clip has been zipping around the interwebs as people on both sides of the religious/atheist divide add their own spin. And now there's an Indiegogo campaign to help Rebecca Vitsmun get back on her feet.

The campaign, operating under the title "Atheists Unite," has set a $50,000 goal with $43,952 raised with 60 days to go, as of the time I'm writing this. All funds will go to Rebecca to help her rebuild her life. Swing over to the campaign if you'd like to chip in.

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Online campaign raising thousands for atheist mom tornado survivor
The Internet is rallying around Rebecca Vitsmun, a survivor of the Moore, Okla., tornado, after she told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that she is an atheist.