Two different colors of paint, two different awesomely green applications.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu wants to paint the worlds roofs white. White colored roofs reflect heat back into space and greatly reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to keep the underlying building cool. Chu spoke at a climate change event put on by Prince Charles. White roofs don't make sense in all climates; here in Maine they would be the less environmentally sound color choice due to our colder than hot climate balance. The best roof color overall is green, a well designed and built living roof is the most eco way to go, but white pain is a lot easier to throw down.

Black paint is the hero of this item- the $6 solar cooker. Using nothing more than cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, plexy glass and black paint, inventor John Bohmer built a solar oven that could make an enormous difference in the lives of millions around the world as well as protect valuable ecosystems from being stripped of burnable wood.

Random side thought, Sherman Williams Paint's logo seems dated, out of step with the building green ethos.

"Cover the Earth"? Really!?

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Paint can help save the world
Something as simple as a coat of paint can have a huge positive impact on the environment.