The Nature Conservancy is doing some great things with the web. I love their newest campaign -- Planet Change: Nature + People = Solutions. Solution = Protect Nature to Protect Us.

Here's what the Nature Conservancy has to say:

Right now, world leaders are laying the groundwork for a global agreement on climate change, to be finalized in Copenhagen this December. The United States must lead in Copenhagen by taking strong action at home to control emissions, preserve nature and foster a stable global economy.

Nature is not just a victim of climate change -- it holds key solutions to the problem:

Saving the world's forests from deforestation can eliminate 20 percent of global emissions -- equal to all the cars, buses and trucks on the road today.

Healthy natural systems can reduce the impacts of climate change on people and communities -- but we have to restore or protect them.

Watch this video, then click over to Planet Change and help spread the word and send messages to your political leaders.

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Protect nature to protect us
The Nature Conservancy thinks natural systems should be a part of the solution to global warming and needs your help to protect them.