Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Recyclops.

I'm not exactly sure I want Dwight Shrute on our side, I think he's a much better foil to play against. Recyclops belongs on the dark side.

NBC is "going green" this week as part of their Green is Universal campaign and featuring environmental themes in most of their shows. In addition to The Office, the environment is popping up on 30 Rock with an Al Gore guest spot.

While I don't think Green is Universal will save the world, I do think it's important to laugh at ourselves on a regular basis, the FSM knows there's plenty to laugh about the green movement. People can only hear about the potentially devastating effects of global warming so many times before they start to tune it out. Comedy can break through that shield, so I'm happy to see big media companies like NBC flex greener.

A top o' the hat to Ecorazzi for these.

UPDATE: Watch the full episode of the The Office featuring Recyclops over at Hulu.

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Recyclops invades The Office tonight
It's green week at NBC and Dwight Shrute does not disappoint by transforming into the fearsome green fighting machine Recyclops.