Joe Romm wrote a pretty awesome take down over at Think Progress of Patrick Michaels, a research fellow at the Cato Institute (rightwing think tank founded by Charles Koch), blogger at Forbes, and chief editor of the World Climate Report, a blog dedicated to spreading misinformation about climate change. Michaels is one of the people often cited by climate change deniers to back up their false arguments. Joe's piece lays out a pretty damning collection of cases of scientific fraud perpetuated by Michaels, who has made it a habit to misrepresent scientist's work by erasing entire data sets from their charts and then using the doctored document to show how wrong the scientists are.


Joe's article is a detailed compilation of the work of a man corrupted by a paycheck. (Michaels receives 40 percent of his funding from the oil industry.) Spend some time and click over and give it a read.



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