Moon rises over Greenland sheet ice and mountains

Photo: Michael Studinger/Operation IceBridge

Scientist Michael Studinger captured this stunning sunrise (and moonset) on March 12 while flying over the snow-covered peaks of northeast Greenland.

Studinger and his team of climate change scientists are part of NASA's Operation IceBridge, a multi-year aerial survey of polar ice. Using radar, altimeters, gravimeters and other sensor equipment, IceBridge is able to create a three-dimensional view of the ice.

Adam Voiland of NASA's Earth Observatory explains that the survey mission is "designed to maintain the continuity of measurements between NASA’s Ice, Cloud, and Land Elevation Satellite (ICESat), which stopped functioning in 2009, and its successor, ICESat-2, which is scheduled for launch in 2017."

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Scientists witness breathtaking polar sunrise over Greenland
Scientist captures stunning sunrise during a research mission to study polar ice in the Arctic circle.