Flower parachute during NYC Climate March

Photo: Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Children run underneath a hand-painted sunflower parachute controlled by protesters participating in the People's Climate March on Sept. 21 in New York City. Nearly half a million people converged on Manhattan this weekend to participate in the historic demonstration, which calls for drastic political changes to halt climate change in its tracks. There were marches and similar shows of solidarity held around the globe.

The NYC march was organized to coincide with the U.N. Climate Summit, which is scheduled to convene on Tuesday in New York City. During the one-day summit, more than 120 leaders will gather to discuss global solutions for lessening carbon pollution.

Attendance numbers for Saturday's gathering, which is being hailed as the largest climate march in history, range from 300,000 to 400,000 people — an estimate that throws the expected attendance of 100,000 out the window.

In addition to the thick throngs of activists, scientists, students and lawmakers, the momentous march also drew some famous faces to the scene, including Al Gore, Jane Goodall, Leonardo Dicaprio and U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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