Ed Morrissey over at Hot Air gleefully squealed that Al Gore kept the lights on in his house during Earth Hour. He cited the Tennessee Center for Policy Research (TCPR), the same smear tank who started the lie about Al Gore's house using 20 times more energy than the average household. The TCPR is an extreme right public relations hit squad funded by a stable of right wing foundations. They are financially supported by big polluters, corporate pirates, and climate change creationists.

They are paid to hate Al Gore and have an obvious overt anti-environment point of view.

Trusting the TCPR on matters of the environment, especially when Al Gore is involved, is like trusting the Karl Rove when it comes to the mountain of corruption he piled up over the past eight years. It's like asking George Bush for an honest assessment of the war in Iraq. It's like asking Britney Spears for parenting advice.

Ed, do you know why Al Gore denied the charges from the TCPR that his house was lit during Earth Hour? Because the charges are wholly manufactured. The TCPR is full of crap, Al Gore's house was dark.

Here's proof- this is a photo of Al Gore's house shot on Saturday during Earth Hour.

Do you see any lights in that photo?

I rest my case.

(That's the last Earth Hour dark photo joke, I swear :D ).

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Tennessee Center for Policy Research has no credibility
The TCPR is a right wing funded smear tank with a fetish for Al Gore that never hesitates to let facts get in the way of a good dig.