Happy Thursday!

Here are some good links to read.

• Treehugger- "Carbon Bomb" Detonating Megatons Per Day, Acidifying The World's Oceans

• It's Getting Hot In Here- 14 arrested for shutting down massive dragline on MTR (Mountaintop Removal mining) site in West Virginia

• Environmental Leader- Sierra Club: Senate Waters Down Energy Bill

• Twilight Earth- Human Rights Violated by Climate Change

• Climate Biz- Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. Now Do Something About Climate Change

• Blue Living Ideas- More Climate Change Refugees Due to Changing Water Conditions

• Solve Climate- Global Climate Treaty This Year Looks Increasingly "Impossible"

To help you take your day out with a snap, check out this crazy trailer from 2012

Apocalypse Porn: New 2012 Trailer Almost Destroys Itself

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Thursday link drop: Climate change
The oceans are becoming too acidic, activists are arrested shutting down a mountaintop removal mine