A new Thursday again finds me with a pile of great stories hanging out in my browser, too many that I want to share to focus on just one.

Here are a few news items you should be aware of:

• Sens. Barbara Boxer and John Kerry introduced a climate change bill that repackages "cap and trade" as "pollution reduction and investment". The bill would mandate that CO2 emissions be cut by 20 percent from 2005 levels by 2020. The Republicans are, as expected, completely against it. The bill is being criticized by some for its lack of beefed-up energy efficiency standards. Coal state Democrats are squeezing this one for all it's worth.

How to make moving a greener experience.

• The Beehaus makes urban beekeeping easier.

• On the heels of the resignation of a few large utility companies from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over the chamber's backwards stance on climate change comes news of Nike leaving the chamber's board of directors for the same reason.

• Salon writes "How to lie about climate change". CO2 is green! Especially if we make it into a shiny, literally green, logo.

• If we're going to kill people, we should at least be doing it in a greener fashion. The U.S. Army is building bridges for their 70-ton Abrams battle tank out of recycled plastic.

• My hometown fair, the Fryeburg (Maine) Fair, is going greener this year, featuring an exhibit showing off the latest and greatest renewable energy products.


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A climate change bill hits the floor of the Senate, the Army is using recycled plastic to get their tanks around, and Nike leaves the U.S. Chamber of Commerce B