I'll keep rolling along; Deep in my heart is a song; Here on the range I belong; Drifting along with a tumbling tumbleweed

Queue up your favorite Ennio Morricone soundtrack and head on over to the Wall Street Journal for more on a tumbleweed invasion of truly biblical proportions that's sparked both fear ("I don't want to experience anything like that again. It was a little scary") and frustration ("One day you clean them out and the winds change and they're right back where they were") amongst residents of several states including Texas, New Mexico and Colorado.

Seriously, it's like the premise for a bad low-budget horror movie, which, no shocker, already exists.

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Tease image: funkblast/Flickr

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Tumbleweeds menace homeowners across Southwest [Video]
The Wall Street Journal investigates a scary side effect of the drought: tumbleweed accumulations so huge that they're trapping people inside of their homes.