2011 broke nearly every storm record there was to be broken, and it was the first time in recorded history we've had two years in a row with more than 18 storms in the hurricane season. But if you were to listen to the TV weather reports of Justin Berk of WMAR-TV in Baltimore, or Bob Breck of WVUE-TV New Orleans, or Dave Dahl of KSTP-TV Minneapolis you would think this was nothing to be alarmed about.


These and dozens of other weatherman across the nation do not believe in climate change. Yes that's right -- weathermen (and yes they are all men as noted by ThinkProgress) the guys who are supposed to know the most about what causes weather -- seem to be in denial about the overwhelming scientific concensus on climate change


This is a very unfortunate thing. A recent report shows that TV meterologists are the primary source of information for the American public about climate change. And with quotes like this one from James Spann of WBMA-TV Birmingham -- “The Earth’s climate has changed since the day God put it here. We’ve had these cyclical changes, and I believe most of this is purely natural.” -- it's no wonder people have been confused. 


Now a new campaign called Forecast the Facts created by 350.org, the League of Conservation Voters, and Citizen Engagement Lab, is calling out these science-impaired weathermen, and calling for the American Meteorological Society (AMS) to adopt a stronger statement on climate change that establishes the proven link between increased storm activity and the warming impacts of greenhouse gas emissions.


If you yourself are confused about climate change, get the facts (and watch some entertaining videos) about climate change on the TckTckTck climate campaign website (a site I helped to develop). And if you catch your local TV weatherman lying about climate change, file a complaint. It's time to end their campaign of public misinformation.

TV weatherman caught promoting false information about climate change
'Forecast the Facts' calls out 47 well-known TV weatherman for deliberately misleading the public on climate change.