My buddy Brian Clark Howard over at the Daily Green posted a fantastic video that really helps drive home the huge impact deforestation has on the world. It's hard to wrap your head around the statistic that 90 acres of rain forest are lost every minute; it's a little easier trying to understand that New York City's Central Park would be gone in nine minutes.


Maya Lin - Unchopping A Tree from Unchop A Tree on Vimeo.

With deforestation responsible for 20 percent of all global warming emissions, it's pretty damn important that we figure out a way to stop it. The video was made to drive attention to What Is Missing, a campaign designed by Maya Lin, designer of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., that's set to fully launch on Earth Day 2010. She was in Copenhagen this week and unveiled her work at the Support REDD+ Gala.

Here's part of her mission statement:

What is Missing? is a wake up call and a call to action, showing what is being done throughout the professional field of conservation and also what individuals can do in their everyday lives to make a difference in habitat and species protection.

What is Missing? will make the critical link between global warming concerns and habitat protection: if 20% of global warming emissions are caused by deforestation then What is Missing? will integrally connect these issues, asking the question:

Can we save two birds with one tree?

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Unchopping a Tree
Artist and designer Maya Lin debuts her newest work, "Unchopping a Tree", in Copenhagen to draw attention to the dangers of deforestation.