Set aside an hour and a half sometime soon and watch HOME, an amazing documentary laying out the problems poised by climate change.

To watch HOME you will need to click over to the YouTube page, the filmmakers behind the project have disabled embedding. I watched it in 720p full screen and it looked great on my 15" laptop screen. It's visually stunning and was mostly shot from the bottom of a helicopter on a special gyroscope mount that kept the shots super smooth.

The producers of HOME released their movie under a very liberal Creative Commons license and freely shared a torrent so anyone can download a high resolution mp4 for free.

Watch it at lunch, after work, or on Friday night movie night, just watch it. It's stellar.

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Watch: HOME, a documentary about our exceptional times
HOME is a richly shot documentary beautifully showing the environmental state of our times. Watch it on YouTube or download the torrent for the film here.