Did you catch the debate last night? Mitt Romney's declaration of "I love coal" sent a shiver down my spine. He made it clear that issues like climate change will not be high on his list of priorities should he get elected.  


But politics aside, climate change is happening — now. We can continue to bang our drums to seek ways to prevent it, or we can start to accept the fact that like it or not, big climate changes are coming our way. And as Vicki Arroyo, an environmental lawyer and the executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center says, it's time to prepare our homes and cities for the new climate, with its increased risk of flooding, drought and uncertainty.


Here's what Arroyo has to say about preparing for the new era of climate change:



Watch: How to prepare for climate change
Vicki Arroyo, executive director of the Georgetown Climate Center, shares her tips on preparing for climate change in this sobering TedTalk.