If you haven't seen the movie The Yes Men, keep this page up and watch it when you have a free hour and change. It was first released in 2003 and follows activist pranksters Mike Bonanno and Andy Bichlbaum as they travel the world impersonating officials from the WTO, giving presentations and speeches that cast the World Trade Organization in a less than rosy light. It's a fantastic movie about some amazing people doing really important work. Watch it.

If you're asked to log in because the video is "intended for mature audiences", it's only because they drop the F bomb a few times in the movie.

We've covered the Yes Men a lot here on MNN, I just wrote about them after they pranked the U.S Chamber of Commerce (and most of the news world). Their new movie, The Yes Man Fix the World is in theaters now, visit their Listings page to find the screen nearest you.

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A Post From the Yes Men

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Watch: The Yes Men movie
The Yes Men movie follows the activist pranksters as they travel the world posing as officials from the World Trade Organization. Watch it here on MNN.