File this under DO NOT DO THIS YOURSELF!

Kevin Johnsen was out fishing with a buddy off the Florida Keys when the weather took a turn for the stormy. The otherwise clear skies were dominated by a tall expanse of dark windy clouds birthing multiple waterspouts (water tornados). Kevin was caught up by the adventure of the situation and turned his small boat out towards the storm where he proceeded to run a slalom course around the waterspouts. He even cuts in close and catches the outside edge of one of them.

It's pretty fascinating stuff if you are interested in extreme weather. Though it was a terribly dangerous thing to do, Kevin was able to catch some great video by getting so close. Give it a watch.

Via Salon

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Watch: Two guys, one boat, and a water tornado
I'm not sure if these guys are incredibly brave, terrifically stupid, or both. Give a watch and decide yourself.