The fact that climate change is happening is no longer in question, but whether it's occurring naturally or due to human action is still a up for debate (to a small minority of Americans). And as some studies have shown, even when facts are presented, once someone has decided on a viewpoint, it can be hard to change their minds.

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So how about some humor to alter perspective?

The BuzzFeed video below starts with the familiar setup: "We hired some unsuspecting temps to work in our 'office'" and the rest is a metaphorical take on climate-change deniers. As one sweaty office worker says in response to the boss' question about whether they should trust the ever-rising thermometer: "Why wouldn't we trust the scientific devices that provide us with accurate data as to what's happening inside this office?"

Why indeed?

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Who said global warming wasn't funny?
This silly take on a serious subject will make you laugh (and think.)