You might be wondering what happened to the familiar cloud, sun and lightning bolt icons you see on other weather sites — but you won't find them here. Instead, we're featuring our favorite California vegetarian blogger, Leslie Durso, in a series of weather-related scenarios.  With one glance, Leslie will help you get ready to face the day, no matter where you are in the world and no matter what the conditions are. To help you get acquainted with this new concept, we've supplied a handy key below. Let us know what you think! Share your suggestions and feedback at And stay tuned: in the coming months, we'll be rolling out new enhancements and updates to make this section even more useful to you.

A vegetarian chef and blogger, Leslie is a Southern California native who represents the younger, chicer vegetarian movement that isn’t sacrificing style for sustainability. A practicing vegetarian since she was 8, Leslie shares her farm-to-stylish-table recipes daily on her website, in live appearances, on TV and around the Web. MNN will be featuring some of her seasonal creations in the coming months.