Long walk home

A woman and her child lead a donkey carrying water cans on Aug. 1 as they undertake the hours-long walk back to their village in a region near Garissa, Kenya, gripped by drought. Hundreds of thousands of refugees from drought-affected regions of the Horn of Africa are traveling on foot across Kenya's borders and seeking solace in crowded relief camps. In Somalia, militants are blocking humanitarian aid from reaching those who need it, and the refugees who manage to escape are putting a strain on Kenyan sources of medicine, food and water in the refugee camps. (Photo: Boris Roessler/ZUMA Press)

Starving in the horn of Africa
A starved calf lies dead on a dusty path leading to the refugee camps set up in Dadaab, Kenya. Aid groups say donations to address the disaster are only trickling in — the result, they say, of too many competing news stories and a complicated political situation. (Photo: Boris Roessler/ZUMA Press)

fighting the Wallow Fire

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