Strong, dust-filled winds blanket Phoenix

Teenagers walk down a dusty street on Aug. 18 during a haboob in Phoenix. A haboob, which is Arabic for "strong wind," is an intense dust storm commonly observed in arid regions, including the Middle East, Northen Africa, Central Australia and arid regions of North America such as Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. (Photo: Jack Kurtz/ZUMA Press)

fighting the Wallow Fire

Bracing for a wall of sand
A massive dust cloud travels from the Arizona suburb of Tempe into downtown Phoenix on Aug. 18. The width of the wall of sand can be as long as 60 miles wide, and the height often exceeds several kilometers. Although the Arabic word "haboob" has been used to identify this specific type of phenomenon for many generations, many conservatives have taken offense to the term and have argued for more Ameri-centric descriptions. (Photo: Jack Kurtz/ZUMA Press)

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