Sure, your pipes and your breath are freezing. But when Mother Nature sends brutally cold temperatures through much of the country, she paints some gorgeous landscapes with her frozen brush.

Case in point: Niagara Falls.

Although 3,160 tons of water continues to flow over the falls every second, the mist from the cascading water freezes as it lands on the surrounding rocks, railings and everything else in its path, points out The Buffalo News, resulting in breathtaking images of "frozen Niagara Falls" being spread around the world.

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Fire and ice

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Although technically the falls aren't frozen, everything around them is dripping with icicles and covered in snow, like something out of a wintry Disney movie.

With temperatures expected not to rise above the teens in the next week or so, the winter wonderland will continue to be there for brave tourists (and those watching from the comfort of home).

"It's so beautiful," Zieong Zhang told the Buffalo News. He drove seven hours from Jersey City, New Jersey, with a friend from Guangzhou, China, to see the falls.

"I came here in the summertime four years ago," Zhang said. "It was good, but it wasn't like this. This is just outstanding, with all the snow, and the trees coated like sugar."

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A Frozen Paradise ❄️❄️❄️

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It's worth the hassle of bundling up when you get to experience magnificent vistas like these.

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It's so cold, Niagara Falls is an icy wonderland
Parts of Niagara Falls appear frozen, creating a stunning wintry landscape.