Small forward Kevin Durant has called Oklahoma City home ever since the Seattle SuperSonics moved there in 2008 and became the Oklahoma City Thunder. And along with becoming one of the NBA’s best players, Durant has become a part of the community, launching the Kevin Durant Family Foundation to help "financially vulnerable children and their families succeed."

On Tuesday, Durant pledged $1 million for tornado relief through the foundation to help his city recover from one of the worst tornadoes on record.

"As the day went on and I saw the footage and the casualties and the houses being blown away, it was tough to see," said Durant, who was in Minneapolis. "I call Oklahoma City my home. I go through Moore all the time. It's unfortunate. We're going to come together as a city like we always do and we're going to bounce back."

He said he was hoping to get back home Wednesday to help lift the spirits of an area racked by the deaths and devastation.

"Just to get to the hospital, see some kids," Durant said. "Something. Just something to give some hope. Playing for the Thunder, we mean so much to the state. So many people support us and I just want to go back and support those people."

The American Red Cross said that Durant's gift is meant to match other donations and be an incentive for more people to give. To that end, Durant tweeted a plea to his more than 4.1 million Twitter followers:

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Kevin Durant pledges $1 million to the Red Cross for tornado relief
The NBA star’s personal donation matches one from his team, the Oklahoma City Thunder.