Beginning on Sept. 20, hundreds of government officials, business leaders, scientists, artists and academics will be gathering in New York City for a week of meetings and events aimed at tackling the worldwide issue of climate change. Dubbed "Climate Week", its aim will be to build momentum in preparation for the UN Climate Change Conference scheduled to take place this December in Copenhagen. 


"We are here for one reason: to push for urgent action on climate change from the world leaders, from civic leaders and from everyone, every citizen of the world, including New York City," said UN Chief Ban Ki-moon about the event. "This year we have an unprecedented opportunity to change course and retool our economies to generate green growth, green jobs for lasting recovery."

Ban is in charge of leading the UN's "Seal the Deal" campaign, an effort to ensure that an effective climate agreement is made in Copenhagen in December. A new and ambitious global warming deal will be needed to replace the Kyoto Protocol which expires in 2012. Climate Week is an important part of that campaign, and it will coincide with Ban's "Seal the Deal" summit scheduled to take place on Sept. 22 at UN headquarters in New York.

While Ban's summit will serve to generate momentum at the highest political levels, the purpose of Climate Week is to create awareness and activism at every level of society — not just in New York City, but around the world — in support of a new climate deal.

For more information about the week, including a schedule of events, check out the Climate Week website. You are also encouraged to join the thousands who have already added their voice to the global chorus by signing the climate petition at the "Seal the Deal" campaign website at

Bryan Nelson ( @@brynelson ) writes about everything from environmental problems here on Earth to big questions in space.

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