Boys play in a fountain

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Summer in India kicks off with heat wave
Young boys trying to escape the heat on May 31 climb atop a fountain near the India Gate monument in New Delhi, India.


A heat wave is rolling through the Indian capital, with temperatures exceeding 104 degrees this week. The ornate fountain is a popular swimming spot located on the south side of the India Gate, a monument inspired by France's Arc de Triomphe.


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A boy hops across stones over a pond

Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

Hop, skip and a jump

A silhouetted boy hops across a series of stone platforms jutting out of the water on May 31 as he and other children play in a pond near the India Gate.


New Delhi's climate is characterized by its high variation in seasonal temperatures and rainfall. While winters are typically dry and cool, summer temperatures often hit 115 degrees, withs monsoons inundating the city with rain between July and September.


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Photos: Indian youths beat the heat
Children take solace in the cool water of a fountain near the India Gate monument during a heat wave that is rolling across northern India.