It's easy to get overwhelmed by all the problems in this world. From climate change and social justice — to more mundane things, such as responsible consumption and the struggle to live within our means — we're all faced with daily choices which affect not just ourselves, but others.

Maura Bennett doesn't have things figured out yet, and that's fine. She's only 11. Or, as she says in this short feature produced for the Converse One Star/Target Video Contest, she's "just one girl."

"When I think about all the problems we have here in the U.S., and all the problems the rest of the world faces every day," Maura admits, "They seem so big, it makes me feel small."

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But Maura has a great attitude, which is why we're sharing her video with you. She recycles; she volunteers; she donates her extra stuff to kids in need. Still, this isn't enough. Like the rest of us, there are choices to be made.

"What I do know is that I matter — that what I do matters," says Maura. "The footprint I leave on this world matters."

For just one girl, she has a lot to say.

Maura wrote and co-produced the the video — which you can watch below — with her father, Lee. The Bennetts run Meander Films, a small production company near Atlanta. (Update: Lee Bennett and daughter Maura won second place in the Target/Converse One Star "Challenge, Create, Change" Short Film Contest with "Just One Girl.")

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She's just one girl
Eleven-year-old Maura Bennett understands her footprint matters, which is why she wrote 'Just One Girl.'