Staten Island families recovering from Hurricane Sandy are in immediate need of underwear for both adults and children, says Borough President James Molinaro. "That's what we need," he told a local Fox affiliate. "That's what we're in desperate need of."


Many people have already donated pants, shirts and coats, but those items are now being turned away in favor of items that require a more immediate need. "I have a warehouse full of clothing," Molinaro said.


It was not immediately clear how Molinaro wanted donations to arrive, since the Red Cross, Salvation Army and many other organizations do not have the manpower to sort and distribute donated clothing items.


Although national organizations may not be collecting clothing, local businesses, firehouses and charities are collecting various types of goods. The Journal News has a list of many such local groups.


A second big storm is expected to hit the area some time on Wednesday. Molinaro told Fox he is trying to get people out of their damaged homes and into shelters before the storm arrives.


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Staten Island desperately needs underwear
The community is still recovering from Hurricane Sandy and has received plenty of other donated clothing.