Rainstorm over NYC

Photo: Dhani Jones/Instagram/Twitter

Column of moving water

The Big Apple caught a break yesterday afternoon when scorching 100-degree temperatures gave way to torrential rain and quarter-size hail.


In a classic instance of being in the right place at the right time, former pro football player Dhani Jones was flying 10,000 feet above Queens on a Delta flight when he took this stunning photo of an ominous storm system rolling over a large stretch of New York City. Jones promptly posted the image to his Instagram and Twitter accounts, and within hours, the image went viral and began appearing on dozens of major news websites.


Although the storms were a great relief from the heat, they also caused flight delays, snarled traffic, power outages and at least 5 injuries involving downed trees and lightning.


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Stunning NYC thunderstorm photo goes viral
Former NFL football player and amateur photographer Dhani Jones generated front-page buzz after capturing a stunning image of yesterday's torrential rain storm