So many people rave on and on about how summer is the best time of year: long days, hot weather and trips to the beach. But for others, including myself, nothing is more miserable than trying to survive those months of pure hell.

Living in the South most of my life, I should be used to the heat and humidity that hangs in the air like a thick, moist rag, choking you as soon as you step outside. But I'm not. I truly believe the colder the weather, the better. My friends all think I'm crazy, especially when I walk around outside barely bundled up and sometimes even with bare legs.

But I'm here to convince you why winter truly is the best season of the year, especially for a single gal like me. And, no, it's not because I can lock myself inside all winter to avoid "cuffing season."

1. Eat whatever your heart desires!

Winter is about wearing layers upon layers of clothing to the point where you barely see the shape of your body — think Ralphie's brother from "A Christmas Story." The holidays are filled with endless amounts of food. So why even try to diet? You might as well eat whatever you want and forget the diet until spring. I absolutely love it. If I gain some weight (inevitable), I can just wear my loose-fitting sweaters and strut about town with not a care in the world.

2. No pools of sweat dripping all over you

There's nothing worse than getting ready to go out and sweating as soon as you step outside. Pools of sweat dripping down your forehead, neck, back ... even the back of your knees! In the South with the humidity, you eventually start smelling like the Earth, I swear. It's a mixture of sweat and dirt, and it never goes away until you take a shower. Deodorant barely holds up when it's 100 degrees outside. Perfume? Forget about it. Who wants to smell like dirt and roses?

In the cold, crisp winter, I barely ever sweat. It's fantastic. I can get ready to go out and not worry about looking like I just ran a marathon. And if it's really cold outside, you can just keep putting on more clothes. Still no sweat.

In the heat, you can take off only so much before you're breaking the law.

3. Not shaving your legs every single day

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Shaving our legs has to be one of the most annoying and tedious tasks for a woman in warm weather. But in the winter, I can go weeks without shaving my legs because they aren't seeing the light of day until Punxsutawney Phil tells me spring is coming.

The only setback to letting your razor hibernate is if you start dating someone new when it's cold outside. Then, the internal battle begins over whether or not this person is worth the energy. It sounds sad and lazy, but you know it's true.

4. Makeup and hair can actually last all day

I can apply my makeup in the morning and pretty much guarantee that it will still be intact later that night. Also, being outside in the cold air makes your cheeks nice and rosy! In the hotter months, even the best "12-hour" makeup barely lasts a couple hours before it fades away.

My hair is naturally stick straight, and it takes a 400-degree curling iron for it to curl. Nothing is more frustrating then spending half an hour curling my hair just to have the curls fall out within minutes of going outside. That's right. Minutes. Not hours. The humidity in the South is a beast.

In the winter, curls stay in my hair for days. That's actually healthier for my hair, too, since I'm not frying it every day.

5. No crowds or long lines

Winter is the best time of the year to visit places that are overcrowded tourist traps in the summer. One winter, I visited Washington D.C., and I never waited in a line. I just walked straight up to the ticket counter and was able to get a tour of the U.S. Capitol building immediately. The same thing happened at the Smithsonian.

In the summer, you could be spending just as much time outside waiting in line as you would inside. Who wants to waste their vacation doing that?

Same goes for everything beyond vacation attractions. In the winter, I can get into concerts and clubs a lot faster.

Winter's not for everyone, and that's OK. But right now, I'm basking in the glow of near single-digit weather while you grumpily wait for spring.

5 reasons why I think winter rocks
You can keep the suntan and beaches. I'll stick with layers of toasty clothes, no crowds and no sweat.