This video explains some of the causes of global warming, as well as the steps we can take to find a global solution. Jill Cordes explains. (Courtesy: Brighter Living)



Global warming is a hot topic and many of us recognize that it is a problem, but we might not understand how it impacts our daily lives; and how can we do anything about something we don't understand? So let’s take a look at some of the causes and some simple steps we can take. Earth is naturally insulated by heat-trapping gasses in the atmosphere. Over the last century, humans have released more carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gasses into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels and cutting down forests. What does this mean for you and me? It could adversely affect sea levels, causing droughts, and disrupt agriculture. Fortunately, the decisions we make now can help create a stable climate, like choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles and higher-efficiency appliances. We can ask our local power company about switching to renewable energy technologies, and choose to walk or bike. These common sense solutions can not only help reduce global warming, but can save money and create business opportunities in a new green economy. We’ll be helping to make sure global warming finds a global solution. I’m Jill Cordes.


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