Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath is wreaking havoc across Houston. But in between the rain and flooding, there have been poignant moments of heroism. We've collected four videos showing such bravery around the city.

During times of disaster, local news outlets are often the first — and best — sources of information and footage. Such was the case in this video captured by the crew anchored by Brandi Smith of KHOU 11. The news crew had spotted the driver of a tractor-trailer truck trapped in his cab, with the water getting ever higher. They alerted some nearby sheriff's deputies who carried out the rescue operation. Smith provided a running commentary for the event, even after the feed to the station had been cut, alternating between discussing the scene before her and the intensity of covering disasters. It's a highly charged and emotional clip.

Animals need help, too

Humans aren't the only ones who need saving when severe weather strikes. The father-son ranching duo of Gene and Daniel Kubecka herded more than 150 cattle to high ground. These are a few different videos shot by Daniel and edited together by the Houston Chronicle. The clips show just how deep the water had become in spots, but the cattle seem to follow orders just fine, as if it were just a usual day the a ranch ... maybe just a little wetter than they're used to.

Horses needed a little bit of rescuing as well. This horse was stranded and clearly unsure of how to get to safety. It took crews 20 minutes to lead the horse to higher ground.

4 daring rescues captured in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey
Here are four amazing rescue videos taken around Houston after Hurricane Harvey.