A 48-hour storm turned the city into a winter wonderland. Houses in Hamburg, New York, are covered in ice. (Photo: brittany_dur/Instagram)

The residents of Hamburg, New York, know all about winter life near Lake Erie, but 48 hours of gale-force winds is difficult to prepare for, even for them.

Houses throughout the town turned into ice palaces after the intense blustery weather blew through.

Residents woke up this weekend to find their homes encased in ice.

The neighborhoods may look like a scene out of the Disney movie "Frozen," but the consequences of the severe weather left many concerned.

"We're worried about the integrity, of structure failure when it starts to melt, because of the weight on the roof," resident Ed Mis told CNN.

City caught winds off of Lake Erie. Even the city's iconic clock tower froze over. (Photo: brittany_dur/Instagram)

The two-day storm brought lake-effect snow to the area, creating several feet of snow and ice.

Lake-effect snow happens when cold winter air moves over a relatively warm body of water. It's common during winter, especially in the Great Lakes region.

It looks like a scene from Frozen. Some residents called the experience a nightmare. (Photo: brittany_dur/Instagram)

In Hamburg, the intense winds created large waves that pushed lake water up on the shore.

That spray, combined with the drop in temperature, created the icicles and frozen architecture you can see in the photos.

It could take weeks for the ice to completely melt and to fully assess the damage the intense snowstorm caused.

Ben Bolton looks at everything through a video lens.

Lake Erie winds transform houses into tawny ice palaces
Freezing winds from Lake Erie turned houses into ice after two days of gale-force winds.