BlackIce flight 223 you are cleared for takeoff

Home security cams are supposed to protect you from various things, but apparently embarrassment isn't one of them.

This gentleman heads to his car on an icy morning and — whoops! — stepped on a patch ice. Sadly, he discovers that the entire driveway is just a sheet of black ice and goes slipping and sliding down to the street.

Still, the man, in a display of grace under pressure, is able to steer himself toward the lawn as opposed to sliding into the street, where passing cars might've made this embarrassing, but still a little funny, incident not so humorous.

We only wish we had video of the man trying to get back up his driveway.

When your day starts with black ice, ride it like the wind
A man's own security camera caught him slipping and sliding on an ice-covered driveway all the way down his lawn.