Jonathan encourages people to help the environment by pledging to stop passing gas for a month. (Jonathan Kesselman)


Jonathan Kesselman: Hi, my name is Jon.
>> I’m Alana.
Kesselman: Alana, hi. We’re with the Mother Nature Network and I just have a few questions for you. Are you aware that 25 percent of the world’s most dangerous gases, the gases that affect the ozone layer, are from methane emissions, like when a cow goes, you know, [makes noise]? That’s not good for the environment. Right. Did you know that or not know that? Did you guys know this?
>> No.
Kesselman: So what we’re asking people is for a month, is to not flatulate or belch for an entire month. And we’re calling it No Fart Left Behind. We’ve named this program No Fart Left Behind.
No, I know it’s a catchy title. I know. But you have to make catchy marketing titles.
>> I love it.
Kesselman: I was curious to know if you and your girlfriend or wife, excuse me, would be interested in taking part in this program?
>> No farting?
Kesselman: No farting or belching for an entire month.
>> [indistinct]
>> No. I cannot agree to that. I love to fart.
>> That’s totally--it’s my connection with God.
Kesselman: It really will make a difference. Stop with the farting.
>> Stop farting?
Kesselman: Just stop farting.
>> For a day?
Kesselman: That’s all I ask.
>> Like an hour? I gotta fart right now.
Kesselman: One month.
>> I’ll do that.
Kesselman: You’ll do that for me?
>> Yes.
>> I can do that. I have to eat no cassoulet and beans for a month. Please.
Kesselman: One more time.
>> I can do that. I need to eat no cassoulet or beans for a month.
Kesselman: Can you say that in American English, please?
>> No.
Kesselman: Look at the camera and promise me that you will not fart or belch for an entire month to help protect the environment.
>> I will do my best and try not to.
>> I’d be more than willing.
>> I think we can do it.
>> We can do it.
Kesselman: That’s me. I’m sorry.
I’m actually not doing my job, and I apologize. That’s disgusting.



ON THE STREETS: No gas left behind
Jonathan Kesselman with Mother Nature Network encourages people to help the environment by pledging to stop passing gas for a month.