So many people are pitching in to help in Louisiana's floodwaters, and one such dramatic rescue was captured by a Baton Rouge television station.

A woman was trapped in her semi-submerged convertible as several men in a boat arrived to help. You can hear the woman say, "Oh my God, I'm drowning" as the men try to break a window but are unsuccessful. As the car keeps sinking, one of the men jumps into the water and pulls the woman to safety from the submerged car.

But the frantic woman tells the man to get her dog, left behind in the car. He reaches inside but can't find the pup and tells her he thinks the dog is gone. But he goes down again and emerges from the water with the drenched dog in his arms.

According to WAFB, the station that filmed the amazing event, all three swam safely to the boat.

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Watch dramatic rescue of woman, dog in Baton Rouge
Rescuers save a woman and her dog from a nearly submerged car in Louisiana's floodwaters.