I love a good protest!

The U.S. Capitol Building is heated and cooled by The Capitol Power Plant, a 99-year-old coal-burning facility with a shady past located just blocks from Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

On March 2, Capitol Climate Action is targeting The Capitol Power Plant for a mass civil disobedience action. They are calling for citizens to gather at 1 p.m. at the Spirit of Justice Park for a short march to the power plant. The expected crowd of thousands will disrupt access to the plant and will refuse to leave when asked.

Here are a few guidelines CCA has laid out for the day:
• We will promote a tone of respect, honesty, transparency and accountability in our actions.
• We will use no violence (physical or verbal) towards any person.
• We will not destroy or damage property.
• We will not carry anything that can be construed as a weapon, nor possess (or consume) any alcohol or drugs.
• We will all hold each other accountable to respecting these agreements.

They are holding trainings ahead of the big day on non-violent protest in cities all over the country; check out the schedule here if you're interested in participating.

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Activists to protest U.S. Capitol Power Plant
On March 2, thousands expected to march in a peaceful civil disobedience action at 99-year-old coal-fired plant located blocks off Capitol Hill.