Alec Baldwin is staying true to his word to use his new "Up Late" talk show on MSNBC to shine the light on controversial topics; recently inviting Oscar-nominated actress and activist Debra Winger to discuss the issue of fracking for natural gas

Winger, 58, was co-executive producer of the 2010 Academy Award-nominated documentary "Gasland," which focused on the dangers of fracking and brought awareness of the drilling technique to a national audience. 

"I'm pretty much down to one sentence about fracking," she told Baldwin. "It's a public health issue. Once our water is tainted, there's nothing to do. There's no way to clean it."

Winger goes on to say that she first became involved as a concerned citizen, living in the Catskills of New York where pipes were being laid to transfer natural gas. "I was not anti-fracking," she says. "I was anti-unsafe-fracking, which turns out to be an oxymoron, redundant. You can say them together because there is no safe fracking." 

Check out Winger's fantastic interview with Baldwin below. 

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