It doesn't get much better than this. Unless, of course, you're afraid of heights.

Reddit user Demo_of_demo obviously has no problem with getting up in the air and shared this awesome picture (click here for the full-sized version) earlier this week of a typical day on his job working on wind turbines.

I toured an industrial wind farm years ago out in Wyoming and can attest to the enormous size of modern turbines. Some of them are towering giants hundreds of feet tall. I don't know how I'd handle walking around on top of one.

Not to be outdone, a few other Redditors chimed in with photos of their own lofty wind turbine perches. Check out Highpersonic, Jayce513 and Magnaen.

Thank you to Demo_of_demo for kindly allowing us to use his photo.

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An office with a view: Kicking back on a wind turbine hundreds of feet in the air
Redditor Demo_of_demo shared this beautiful photo taken from high atop his wind-turbine "office."