I am a big fan of all things bike. I like bike lanes, bike commuters, bike moving, bike bars — heck, I even like bike cops.

But bike bank robbers?

A man in Woodinville, Washington, robbed a bank last week and fled the scene on his BMX bike. A Key Bank branch was robbed at 10 in the morning on March 25 by a man wearing a mask and carrying a handgun who made his escape on a red-and-black BMX bike.

This guy is either really smart or just too broke to have a car. You can check the terrain around the bank on Google Maps, it looks like someone on a bike would have more options for getting away — a quick dash to the east would bring him into a wooded residential zone or he could go west and cut across the sea of parking lots and businesses standing between the bank and highway.

Whatever he was, smart or broke, he ended up getting away.

I guess if you're going to rob a bank, it's better to do it on a bike. Even villains and bad guys should be greening up their operations, right?


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Bank robber slashes his carbon footprint with bike escape
A bank robber in Washington state picked an especially green mode of escape when he pedaled off on a BMX bike after a successful robbery.