Boulder Electric Vehicle is a really interesting little company. They're working on an electric delivery truck set to hit the market in 2010. Their delivery truck would have a range of 100 miles, a work-utility model would hit 200 miles between charges. With a stated cost of 3 to 8 cents per mile, they could offer an attractive alternative for a lot of companies, especially any looking for a little bit of greener cred.

Watching this video showing their van in action makes me miss living in Boulder.

Targeting the commercial market is smart — with one sale to a big company like UPS or FedEx, they could sell hundreds of units. Wholesale conversions to electric fleet vehicles could make for a quicker transition for consumers as the fleets roll out charging infrastructure. That could translate into a lot less pollution coming out of our collective tailpipe.

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Boulder Electric Vehicles going after fleet sales
Electric vehicles need to be a big part of our transportation system. One Colorado company plans to start with commercial delivery trucks.