Boulder, Colo., is currently locked in a PR battle with energy giant Xcel Energy over ballot initiatives 2B and 2C, which would allow the city to form and operate its own electric utility. Proponents of the measures say that a city-owned utility would give Boulder the flexibility to reduce rates and increase the amount of renewable energy being put onto their grid.


Minnesota-based Xcel Energy, the company the city wants to buy the utility from, maintains that it's a terrible idea and has spent millions of dollars getting fuzzy with the truth in some of its marketing campaigns against the push.


A lot of Boulderites are upset about being forced to help pay for a $400 million Xcel plan to refurbish some of the area's coal-burning plants and point to the company's lackluster record on renewable energy.


If you live in Boulder and are eligible to vote next month, swing over to Give Boulder the Power (check out the long and impressive list of businesses getting behind the movement) to learn more. The last day to register to vote, Oct. 3, is coming up, and anyone wishing for their voices to be heard needs to make sure they're registered. The vote will be done by mail in the last two weeks of October.


This one is important; get out and vote!


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Boulder fights Xcel Energy to start its own utility company
Boulder, Colorado is trying to cut itself free from the corporate tentacles of energy giant Xcel Energy and start its own electric utility.