What kind of two-bit operation is BP running?

Earlier this week BP was accused of manipulating a photo of their command center, specifically by copying the contents of active screens and pasting that over displays that were turned off.

Here's the original photo:

And here's the doctored photo that BP put on its website.

BP has owned up to posting the altered photo. Company spokesman Scott Dean said the photographer the company hired to shoot the photos edited the image because he was "showing off his Photoshop skills".

Did BP hire an ambitious middle-school student to photograph its command center? Seriously? He was showing off his Photoshop skills!? Does Dean expect anyone to buy that?

First off, show me a professional photographer who makes big unauthorized edits to the photos he takes to "show off his Photoshop skills," and I'll show you a guy going back to work at the pizza shop. Professional photographers don't do that.

Secondly, whoever did the Photoshopping did a terrible job. The masking is terrible, and the duplicate screens obvious. If the photographer really was trying to show off his skills, someone should have a sit-down with him and let him know that he sucks at Photoshop.

This is another example of how inept a company BP is at anything other than sucking oil out of the ground. The company's cost cutting measures caused the accident in the first place, and its bungled response has made the problem that much worse. We should throw the whole lot of BP executives in jail, sell off all the assets, completely fund the cleanup, and leave the company to the dust bins of history. BP as a corporation needs to die.

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BP spokesman: Photographer was 'showing off his Photoshop skills'
BP explained away their doctoring of command center photographs by blaming a photographer eager to show off his Photoshop skills.