You need to read this book: Power Trip by Amanda Little.

I'm only on page 167 (out of 376, not counting the notes section at the end), so I'm not ready to write a full review, but I am ready to urge you to buy or borrow this fantastic book. It's an exploration of the world's relationship with energy — both fossil and renewable — that's packed with insight and wit and has made me rethink some of my positions on a couple of issues (which I'll layout in more detail in a full review to come).

You can buy it at your local bookstore, borrow it from the library, or purchase it online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon or whatever your favorite purveyor of bookage is. It's $15 online (plus S&H), list price is $25.99.

Check out Amanda Little's website.

FTC Don't Arrest Me Disclosure: Harper Collins sent me a copy of the book for free to review.

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Buy this book: Power Trip by Amanda Little
Power Trip is a fascinating journey through our incredibly complex relationship with oil, energy and everything in between.